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Welcome to a new experience of close-to-reality development. We help you to enhance your training and make learning more fun.

PAWLIK Play offers digital learning games, also called serious games, which makes it possible to learn certain content and competencies in a playful way. In our games, participants are guided through different simulations in which everyday challenges and problems in the professional environment are being addressed.
This has a positive influence on individual learning success and can thus increase the effectiveness of the training measures.

What we offer

Besides our ready-to-use games we offer the option to customize games based on your needs or even create your tailored games from scratch.

Train and Game

Games developed on the basis of our learning content to complement our training concepts.
Train with system.

Tailored games

Mapping the customer context in the game, taking up already existing models and making specific learning objectives tangible.

Stages of tailoring:

• Tailor the story
• Add some options
• Add new theories
• Build from scratch

Our games

This game is about the challenge of managing a team of 6 people at a distance in an international marketing company. Together with the team a worldwide marketing campaign is to be developed and implemented. Integrated into the concept are theories about remote team development, motives and engagement levels.

Pawlik Play Games:

  • The global Marketing team

A playful learning experience


All games are based on scientifically sound theories, which are communicated to the participants at the beginning and during the game.


The game is run through by all participants, either in a team or individually.


After each round of play, a debriefing takes place to share the lessons learned and engage in a common exchange.

Why us?

We combine our knowledge and experience in the field of lifelong learning to offer you scientifically sound games and services.


Our games can be adapted to your individual needs

Virtual playable

All games can be played in person or remote

Games based on our learning architecture

Games are based on our learning architecture

Current topics

We cover highly topical issues

Tailored games

If needed, we tailor new games for your special requirements

We certify

We work exclusively with certified trainers

Pawlik Group

PAWLIK Play is part of the PAWLIK Group and thus benefits from its extensive network and years of market experience.

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